About Us


The Indiana Amusement & Music Operators Association, IAMOA, is dedicated to the purpose of engaging in education for and advocacy on behalf of those engaged in the business of coin-operated amusement devices.


More than 39 persons traveled to Indianapolis on November 22, 1981 to discuss the formation of an Indiana Operators Association. Everyone agreed on the necessity of the organization. Lee Melchi, Jack Eiser Sales Co. in Ft. Wayne, was appointed temporary Chairman and Jack Burns, Burns Music Company in Warsaw, was appointed temporary Secretary.

Several names for the organization were suggested, and it was decided that the official name would be the Indiana Amusement and Music Operators Association. After much discussion, it was determined that operators would be regular voting members and distributors and manufacturers non-voting association members.

Officers selected by those in attendance were President, Lee Melchi, Jack Eiser Sales Co., Ft. Wayne; Vice President, Alice Clevenger, C&C Music Company, Richmond; Secretary, Jack Burns, Burns Music Company, Warsaw; and Treasurer, Al Schuler, Magic Galaxy, Inc., Borden. President Melchi appointed several members to assist the Executive Committee in the drafting of the Association bylaws. A second meeting was scheduled to approve the bylaws and membership dues categories.

The IAMOA announced that their first bout with the Indiana Legislators ended in victory. This newly formed group staged a strong grassroots movement to halt the passage of three proposed bills. The first house bill called for a 20% gross receipts tax, the second for 3% and the third for a $100 per machine assessment. Hoosier operators and distributors gave their time, efforts and money in order to stop this legislation and can rightfully feel proud of themselves.