2007 Women’s Team

1st Place Perferably on Top Tami Hoffer, Carrie Goheen, Bernadette Plummer-Grotrian, Erin Bixler $1,200.00 PJ’s
2nd Place Blue Hand Group Tori Butler, Helena Emerson, Karole schnepp, Amy Seelig $1,000.00 Playfair
3rd Place Kelly’s Kickin Crew Kelly Castanda, Jody Taylor, Ginger Imler, Jennifer Gardner $800.00 Diltz & Sons
4th Place Those Damn Women Charlene Beck, Debra Jagger, Audrey Grieser, Terry Arrants, Melissaa Edwards $550.00 Eiser
5th – 6th Place Team Women Minnie Nieves, Toni King, Theresa Kuelas, Tina Peters $300.00 Leisure Time
5th – 6th Place Mickey’s Laura Severs, Kathy Werner, Sheila Jarrett, Sue Chambers $300.00 Ondrus
7th – 8th Place Hoosier Mama’s DJ Eversole, Jamie Baker, Rita Whitham, Debbie Sollgot, Debbie Drake $200.00 Shaffer
7th – 8th Place Thunder in the Heartland Lena Wise, Donna Duncan, Eva Finchum, Sunny Ulrich, Becky Bennett $200.00  
9th – 12th Place Stick It Mickey Morrison, Renee Wagner, Pam Kain, Kathy Kish $100.00 Star
9th – 12th Place Above Average Billie Sue Lengacher, Erin Fritz, Liza Burke, Amy Wilson $100.00 ACE
9th – 12th Place Off the Tits Bobbi Jean Robinsonm Tara Anderson, Alicia Tanner, Cheri Lewzader $100.00 Huff
9th – 12th Place Pixy Stix Mary Blythe, Stacie Devine, Lycia Gillespie, Pam Kirkwood $100.00 Shaffer