2008 Men’s Team A

1st Place Pool Junkies $1,550.00 Tim Grigsby, Neil Meek,m Tracey Helsey, Jason Newby, Frank Wilbering Just Darts
2nd Place Steam Rollers $1,200.00 Troy Emerson, Jimmy Jenkins, Marc Sanchez, Tim Bostleman, Rob Wyse Jack Eier Sales
3rd Place Ginny’s Strong to the 8 $900.00 Jimmy Robinson, Chris Anderson, James Green, Anthony Cordova, Montee Bayless Bonham
4th Place Evolution $700.00 James Miller, Bob Fromm, Matt Morris, Jeff Darstein, Rick Robinson Playfair
5th – 6th Place The Destroyers $500.00 Tim Jones, Mike Laesh, Brian Morton, Joe Martin, Danny McDonald Shaffer
5th – 6th Place Huntington Eagles $500.00 Tim Diamond, Brian Pohlman, Bryan Grueninger, Ashton Crawford, Jamey Smock, Don Gladish Amusement Inc
7th – 8th Place Southern Comfort $400.00 Al Boyette, Duane Mulline, Greg Howard, Randy White, Darryl Wester, Jose Flores Shaffer
7th – 8th Place Almost Out $400.00 Josh Hamp, Jesse Pike, Andy Wickerham, Harry Bunnell, Craig Edwards Jack Eiser Sales
9th – 12th Place Mottier Strokers $300.00 Jason Shatto, Chris Branum, Dwight Grooms, Tom Taylor, Troy Poling Mottier
9th – 12th Place Chunky Soup & Crackers $300.00 John Schmeid, Norm Dial, Cory Weiller, Tom Hollingsworth, Dave Campbell Star
9th – 12th Place It Don’t Matter $300.00 Jim McCullough, Jeff Thompson, Mark Wissman, Marv Laprad, Naveen Arali Playfair
9th – 12th Place Boltz $300.00 Michael Taylor, Chris Crawford, Jeff Crawford, Dennis Girten, Jim Cassella Diltz
13th – 16th Place A-RACK-A-PHOBIA $200.00 Tom Eddleman, Dan Krueger, Angelo Franzone, Frank Wilderding, Jim Sayre Shaffer
13th – 16th Place Greenfelt Gangsters $200.00 Palmer Eicher, Chris Abney, Skeet Rushor, Don Wardell, Steve MCGill Shaffer
13th – 16th Place Grumpy Old Men $200.00 Lenny Birk, Bob Oakes, Mike Mason, Bob Gentry, Dave Horton Just Darts
13th – 16th Place Hustlers $200.00 Jerry Minix, Cory Miller, Jon Dixon, Al Weir, Mike Ford Diltz